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For stuff that isn't fandom I've moved here: http://www.howtomakecosplaycostumes.com/ :3 It's my cosplay blog. I will still probably update stuff onhere, but not very often.

This is more like my blog for stuff I don't want to flaunt in anybody's face. Yup. :)


These are the most amazing clips from the most amazing (german) series. They are absolutely fabulous. I must admit though that I liked it better in the first many episodes where they were finding each other, and being all awkward. Then the plot semi-dies, and there's a lot of angst about being a gay boxer. And when they're finally out all they ever do is help their roomie hook up with guys. It will always have a spot in my heart though.
This is bloody brilliant. I love this anime. It's deliciously dark and twisted. And my heart weeps for Midori everytime I watch it.
I feel so empty in my stomach. But there's nothing to eat. And it's late.

Called Abena a dozen of time but she's not picking up her phone. She usually stays up atleast three more hours. No wonder she's sleep deprived.

Feeling quite moody since I just finished a wonderful book. It feels like saying goodbye to a lover, that you know you can visit again, but with the knowledge that it won't be the same.

Dear Porrige I ate this morning.

I just wanted to let you know how much I hate you.

Your package said to put cup of you and three ½ cups of water, but that was a mean lie. You instantly turned soup-like and indcredibly nasty.

I'll let you know that I'd been out  running at 6.40am and was hungry.

But I had to wait five bloody minutes.

Then I had to wait five more minutes.

Then I had to wait three - I gave up on you and ate my mom's disgusting almost-rotten fruit blend.

Half an hour passed, and my mom then informed me that she'd finished you. I went out to see a wonderful steaming pot of porrige. 

I took one bite.

Then another.

Then I threw you out.

I've never tasted porrige that bad.

4 hours later I'm starving. And I blame you.

I don't think I managed to give the japanese guy enough justice in the last post.

Also if you click to the extended post, there will be awesome pictures, game reviews and random rambling.

Here!Collapse ) 

Just putting up somePics from JapanCollapse )

Osaka and Hokkaido. Gonna put up some Tokyo pics another time.

I thought I ought to make an entry about my stalker.

Because he's creepy,

And he stalks me,

Alot.Collapse )Alot.Collapse )

Yesterday some people from my class and me went to watch X-men origins - Wolverine. A movie that I'd originally said I didn't want to watch. Especially because I've been so hooked on watching seventeen again. But when the day for picking the movie came up it was 9 against 2. (Spoilers ensue!!! Don't click if you don't want to read it) So we went to watch it...Collapse )



Haven't been updating for a while.

I've been busy. A lot.

I went to the SVS con in Herning. And it kind of blew. Big time. I liked wearing my Kagura cosplay though, I felt really pretty, even though I don't care much for black wigs (Pink or blonde is more me)

YeahCollapse )



Hey ya’ll.

I’m in a lot of trouble at school right now. I have way too much absence, and my grades are dropping due to lack of will to study. So basically I’m screwed - or was screwed. Because I’ve decided to get my act together!! Starting now. I made a list of how I want my grades to look by the end of the year, and since I’m basically finished with my cosplays, I’ll totally manage!   

Sometimes I just feel like I’m drowning in all the stuff I have to get done, and I just feel like closing my eyes and go to sleep – simply because I can’t.

I’m almost finished with the Kagura (Inuyasha) costume. I’ve been attaching stripes to the kimono forever! And now all there’s left are some stripes on the sleeves, luckily. My good friend, who’s going to cosplay Kanna along with me, did the paintings on the blue kimono underneath the other one. She’s not finished yet, but I love how it’s turning out!

Also, because I've been sewing so much the entire living-room floor is covered in needles. And guess what? My friend from school stepped on one of them! He's been to the hospital today to get a piece that was still in his foot removed, even though he thought he'd removed all of it.. I feel so careless and guilty!!

I don’t think I’ve written an entry about the call I got from sun-studio! A guy named Jan called my mom and told her he wanted me to do a voice test. So I got the message when I got home from school and called him. And yes, he really did want me to do a recording.

A year ago I sent them a demo tape with my voice, doing three cartoon voices and telling them about myself. I think they’re updating their voice-archive or something, because another friend of mine also got a call. Dubbing has always been a dream of mine, but sometimes you just lose sight of it. Now all there’s left is to practice – it’s not like I’ve gotten a job yet!

Wait wat. There's a second season of night shift nurses and nobody told me?! RAAAGEEE.